“Why are Black Americans always so angry?”

Black in-White
3 min readJul 23, 2021


It is telling when nice but very naive white Americans wonder aloud about their perceptions that Black Americans are always angry, which is, of course, not true. So much could be resolved if, for a few moments, they would step away from the advantages and privileges they are allegedly unaware of to contemplate the obvious within their community by asking, “Why are there not more Black people living here? Why aren’t there Black dentists, school administrators, or firefighters, or business executives in my community?” Of course, the answer is obvious; however, precious few white Americans are willing to own up to the truth that the system is rigged; everything they enjoy and protect is not due to superior intelligence or because they have worked harder than others. “Have you been forced to harvest cotton, tobacco, or labored under the sun for 12-hours picking lettuce?” Instead, the god-awful truth is that America’s social construct was created by the greedy social capitalist who manipulated others to establish unimaginable wealth and tells the abused they are doing them a favor.

You definitely see color, especially when it’s where you don’t expect it to Be.

I have been born into a social construct never intended for me to be recognized or respected as a whole person based alone on who I am or my human potential. America’s social curators never envisioned that this nation would ever experience a Black man or any person of color, and indeed never a woman to lead this nation as Commander in Chief. Absolutely never! In fact, it was impossible for them even to consider the possibility, and they are still rebelling from their graves about Barak Obama. “Oh, how in the hell did that happen?” they scream in anguish.

From the first moment I took a breath until now, I have been systematically denied opportunities for no other reason except that I am not a white person. I have no choices with how this nation was founded whatsoever except not to take my own life.

What is the meaning of systematically?

1: relating to or consisting of a system. 2: presented or formulated as a coherent body of ideas or principles of systematic thought. 3a: methodical in procedure or plan a systematic approach a systematic scholar. b: marked by thoroughness and regularity systematic efforts. — Still confused?

This living reality is f_cked up for sure. Right now, I am digitally penning this journal while sitting in seat 3D on a flight back home. Only by the expressed design of white Americans, the fewest possible Black people will ever be qualified to Captian this aircraft. As often as I travel, I rarely, if ever, experience a Black man sitting in the flight deck as the pilot in command in the same way that we do not often see Black firefighters. The exclusive fraternal history of firefighters has ensured that in the city I call home, there are less than 10 Black American firemen within their ranks of almost 400. “They” say it’s because Black people are less intelligent. Wow. What a pathetic belief.

No, white god-loving Americans intentionally designed our social reality to be precisely THIS. Why are you surprised? Why are you okay? If you are a white person reading this, does this offend you? Do you want to argue with me? Can you disprove my examples of pilots and firefighters where you live?

Every day, the layers of injustice, inequality, and privilege based on my skin color are shoved in my face, and the best most white Americans can do is become offended? I am subject to a system of social injustice that is not founded on moral correctness but on protecting white advantage and privilege. Why is that so f_cking hard to admit? So, please stop pretending you love everybody and how you don’t see color because you do see color! Every time color shows up where you don’t expect it, you immediately see it and wonder why? It’s out of place. It’s odd. You wonder what might be the extraordinary talent that particular Black person must have to live in your neighborhood or occupy that business space.

Trust me. You definitely see color, especially when it’s where you don’t expect it to Be. So, who’s angry now?



Black in-White

I live an extraordinary life filled with incredible experiences that have transformed the son of a Mississippi sharecropper into a servant-leader.